Lorry Tailgate

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Lorry Tailgate Rental Kuala Lumpu, Selangor& Putrajaya

Are you stressed out about how to move that heavy equipment or piece of furniture or anything else with the only lorry that your current mover has shown you? The thing is they don’t understand how significant it is to have the right lorry. On top of that, the truth is that loading and unloading of heavy items can’t be done in just any type of lorry.
Moving your huge items get easy and simple with the tailgate lorry Alviz Movers offers. With this type of lorry, you can easily move the heavy items in a matter of a few minutes.

Using the different sizes of tailgate lorries we provide, you can easily load a huge number of heavy items into it. And most of the time, you might not need a second trip unless the items are extremely gigantic.

The Lorry’s tailgate is made of aluminum plates and steel sheets, and they are attached at the back of the lorry permanently. And interestingly, to your benefit, such a type totally removes the need for any other equipment like a crane or something like that.

How to rent out the Tailgate Lorry?

The first step is to send us an online quote or a call us directly to express your interest in renting out the lorry.
Once we understand your requirements, we feed them into our system that matches the suitable driver for your route. Alongside, you also get a suitable match for the team to load your items in the tailgate lorry.

One the team is finalized and the timelines are agreed, we reach at your place to load the packed items – that heavy equipment you need to move there and then.

And the final step is to transport your goods to your destination. We’re done.

But wait!

If you want us to organize your new place by unloading the items and setting everything in order for you, just know that we are available.

Call us right now for renting the tailgate lorry – your best buddy for heavy equipment moves.

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