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We provide 5 ton lorry rental service in Klang Valley. Planning to move but don’t know how to transport all of your belongings to the new place? Worry not, we are here to ease your hassle. With our 5 tonne lorry rental services, you don’t need to worry anymore on how to move all of your stuff on your own.

Our 5 tonne lorry rental services in Klang Valley are often used for:

House moving

Moving house is tedious especially if you have many things to be transported to the new house including big furniture, large boxes of clothes, kitchen stuff, toys, etc. By using our 5 ton lorry service, you can save time and money by moving your belongings on multiple trips.

Professional House Moving Service

Office moving

We provide office mover service in Sri Hartamas, Ampang and Mon’t Kiara for businesses that are looking to move to a new office location.

Commercial moving

Some commercial businesses need to move goods to their warehouse or send cartons of boxes to their customers. Worry not, our staff are reliable, professional and experienced movers.

Furniture moving

When you want to move some furniture to a new location, you can always engage our lorry service for your convenience.

Specialised equipment moving

Do you need to move safe deposit box, vending machines, massage chairs, pianos or commercial chillers? Don’t worry, our professional movers are able to handle specialised equipment moving. We are experienced in this and will make sure to hand your equipment safely with no defects.

5 tonne lorry capacity and size

Our 5 tonne lorry dimension is 17 feet in length, has a width of 7ft, and height of 7.2ft which is suitable for large and heavy loads. If you have many large things to be moved, our big truck is suitable for your family or company. We have available 5 ton bonded lorry, canvas lorry with cover or open top lorry, with tailgate lorry to move heavy machinery or furniture for easier loading in and out of the lorry. 5 tonne moving packages For convenience

Why engage a 5 tonne lorry rental service instead of buying your own lorry for moving for your business?

Hire adhoc when you need the service – especially if have seasonal busy periods For some businesses, outsourced transportation service is recommended to help with the added sales demand during the peak season of their business. Whenever there’s a demand of higher order and volume, it is better for you to hire a lorry rental service to help with delivery of goods to customers instead of purchasing a new truck that may be underutilised during non-peak months. No need to fork out large capital investment for a lorry Do you know that if you bought a lorry, the total cost just won’t end there? The actual cost of a lorry includes the maintenance cost, the insurance, petrol, road tax, etc. With renting our lorry service, you avoid these hassle. No need to worry about lorry servicing and maintenance All transportation vehicles need to be repaired and maintained from time to time. Why buy one, when you can save money by using a lorry rental service. Our lorries are serviced periodically to ensure its safety and to avoid unexpected breakdowns when they are on the road. We also have a 1 ton lorry rental (small truck) and 3 ton lorry rental service (medium truck). If you are not sure which lorry size you need, you may ask us. Contact us to hire our affordable 5 ton lorry rental service for your home or business moving needs in Damansara, Bangsar and Cheras as well to outstation locations from Klang Valley and Subang Jaya.

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