Do you have a problem with your move? Concerned about what needs to be done first? Concerned about the distance or the flying component of an international move? Alviz Movers, on the other hand, is here to cater to and service your demands. With our years of experience in the sector, we have perfected the art of relocating families, young professionals, businesses, and a variety of others. Whether you’re moving to landed property, a flat, or a high-rise condominium, our house movers in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor give the most experienced and effective service. We have years of experience in the Klang Valley’s residential and business moving market, so we know how to transport a wide range of household items, from delicate fragile house goods to large and bulky cabinetsRecognizing that your household items are the most valuable to you, our expert house movers and office movers will always do their part and pay great attention to assuring the safety of your belongings. We also offer relocation services with a skilled moving team. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.


If it weren’t for our skilled group of men who handle all the hard lifting, Alviz Movers would not be known in the moving market. We’ve got the muscles and the brains—these highly trained individuals have endured a variety of field experiences that have honed their abilities. When it comes to packing, the team of professionals is well-rounded. To ensure the protection of all your valuables, please use high-quality cardboard boxes. To complete the moving procedure, we hire only the best trucking companies to load and unload your belongings from one location to another. Allows for a perfect and seamless process that is professionally guaranteed to be safe.

Why should you hire Alviz Movers

to relocate your home?

Moving, whether internationally or locally, is a hassle, but with Movers Malaysia, we take care of everything from paperwork handling to logistics and, most importantly, ensuring the safe packing, loading, and transporting of all your belongings. We also promote a full coverage insurance policy and a 100 percent money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with our service (which we highly doubt). Before the contract is signed, all of these services are described and publicly discussed. We don’t have any hidden services that might result in hidden charges for our customers. That is the advantage you will have if you choose to collaborate with us.

Our professional house movers will handle all parts of your relocation to ensure a seamless and stress-free transition to your new home in Malaysia. Call us right now to obtain the best service possible.

How does Moving


  • Planning – First, we’ll figure out what you need in terms of a quote and a schedule plan. They will come to your residence for planning purposes if necessary.
  • Packing – Customers have the option of packing their own items or hiring our full-service movers and packers. We may also provide packers and boxes to deter consumers from using recycled boxes, which are prone to tearing during shipping.
  • Loading – Our skilled movers mark and load the things in the boxes into our vehicles on a regular basis. With a plastic stretch wrap or blanket to cover it, big bulky items will be protected from dirt and damage.
  • Transporting Locally – Our well-trained truck drivers will safely transfer your office or domestic items in the truck to the designated area on time.
  • Unloading – Our movers will unload your belongings from the truck and place them in their designated location at your new location. Assembly and unpackaging services are available upon request.

How do Alviz Movers

professional house movers service?

We are a reputable supplier of houses and packages customized to your unique needs and deliver the most affordable price in the city of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, Malaysia.

  • When you’ve decided to move into a newer, larger home and are ready for a change, the next step is to hire professional house movers. It may appear easier to enlist the support of your friends during the relocation, but without the proper vehicle, boxes, and wrapping supplies, they will be unable to assist you. If you need to relocate a huge structure, consider hiring our professional movers.
  • Our house movers have the ability to get your local or international move started, and a substantial amount of relocation work has been completed. Our firm has a lot of moving expertise and knows how to handle your belongings at every stage.
  • Regardless of the number or size of the objects, our expert house movers are dedicated to offering simple, quick, and secure moving services to all of our clients. We also provide a variety of supplementary services, such as storage and box supplies, as well as bulk item removal.
  • Our moving trucks are equipped with forklifts to ensure that your valuable goods, including fragile objects like a piano, are handled carefully. In addition, we have a variety of lorries of various sizes and capacities. As a result, you can rely on us to provide you with the most comprehensive moving equipment and method possible.
    You may rely on our home movers professional to find the ideal option for you if you’re planning a modest room-to-room relocation, company office relocation, building transfer, warehouse transfer, regional or long-distance relocation throughout Malaysia’s cities.
  • Simply inform us of your moving requirements, and you can sit back and relax, knowing that we will assist you, our client, with the rest.

Finding house movers? Contact us via phone call now to get a free price quote for your office or foreign transfer or arrange a free site visit if you are currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Putrajaya, Klang, Puchong, Subang, Gombak, Petaling Jaya, Kepong, Kajang, Damansara, Sungai Buloh.

House Moving service




Office moving services includes packing, loading, unloading, transporting and redesigning/re-arranging your office and all of these are possible with the help of our professionally trained staff that are experts in moving your business.

household moving


Our movers company based in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor provides the most skilled and efficient service regardless of whether you move to a landed home, flat or high-rise condominium,

bulk disposal


If you have bulky or huge quantities of unwanted trash and stuff such as furniture, you may engage the clearance services of our professional team.

House Moving service


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