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    We have a competent team here at Alviz Movers Malaysia that has grown an old-fashioned and traditional moving method, but with the help of technology and innovation, moving has never been easier. These individuals have extensive experience and are extremely proficient in their chosen industry. Move Consultants, Lifters and Movers, Expert Packers, and Truck Load Drivers made up the team.

    Frequently asked questions

    How is my house moving price determined?
    To get a quote for your house movers service depends on the following factors:
    1. Items that you need to move
    2. Distance of your home
    3. Type of lorry needed
    4. Manpower needed to perform the house move
    5. Packing and unpacking service of your belongings
    6. Wrapping service
    7. Dismantle and assembly service (bed frame/dining table etc)
    How soon do I need to make a booking?

    To book our lorry services, it is advisable to have at least a 1-week advance booking. Our lorry booking schedule filled up quickly especially during weekends and long holidays.

    What area do you service?

    Our house movers’ service coverage areas are KL and Selangor. We often perform cross-state delivery based on customer requests. Do fill out the inquiry form for us to quote your inquiry.

    What information do I need to supply get a quote?
    We encourage that you take some photos of all the items that are required to move.
    If needed, we arrange a free site inspection at your premises to ensure that all requirements are understood accurately for a smooth moving experience.
    What is needed to confirm a booking?

    We collect payment of 50% upon confirmation of job to reserve a team for your job, collected via cash or online banking.

    How much do I charged for piano moving?

    Our pricing for piano moving service is based on the distance of the piano move & location. Piano location refers to the ground floor, mezzanine, or 1st floor, etc, or with access to your unit by lift. We need to know if there is lift access to the unit for high rise / low rise apartments to condos. We DO NOT provide piano movement through the stairs or the window.

    Which area do our service cover?

    Our service coverage areas are inclusive of KL and Selangor. We often perform cross-state delivery based on customers’ requests.

    How do you move the piano?

    Our team are trained to move a piano by wrapping the piano properly for transportation and load the piano using a tailgate lift on the truck. This is standard procedure to ensure your piano is taken care of the best that we can during the transport.

    Do the piano insured?

    Our price is only inclusive of the transfer fee and excludes insurance. If you would like to insure your piano for the move, please let us know so that we can provide you with a quotation.

    Can I rent the lorry without the driver?

    At this moment, we are unable to rent the lorry only. All our lorry rental comes with the driver. We can rent by per trip, per day, or per week. Please let us know your requirements for a free quotation.